Lane had the touch for Central Catholic

WORCESTER, Mass. -- With eight minutes left in the second half of Friday night’s Division I championship, Central Catholic’s Jill Lane lofted a left-footer into the penalty area and towards the Shrewsbury goal. The senior sent the ball in towards the net with no real intention of scoring.

“I just wanted to serve it into the box and hit into play where someone could head it or something,” Lane admitted after the game. “But I hit it right, and it just went over the goalie's head in the corner.”

In fact, the goal sealed a 2-1 victory for the Raiders in the state championship, and made for a perfect end to Lane’s tenure at Central Catholic.

“She’s had a roller coaster season for us,” Central Catholic coach Casey Grange said. “I’m extremely happy that she was able to put one away for us.”

“Four years and it has just been amazing,” Lane said about her time as a Raider. “We just have a really good vibe, and the team chemistry has been amazing. We knew nothing was stopping us after a couple of games."

The shot was hit from 20-yards out along an almost impossible angle down the right end line. After the ball hit the back of the net, Lane just dropped her shoulders and looked at her teammates in disbelief.

“It’s a great way to end my senior year and four years here,” Lane laughed about the winning score. “I just can’t believe it.”

Central Catholic had taken an early 1-0 lead on a Courtney Walsh finish in the first half, but was in need of an offensive strike.

“We definitely had the momentum the whole first half and we kept coming up with opportunities,” Lane said. “Second half it went back and forth, but once they scored the goal we just said ‘Alright we need to win this game – there is no way we’re losing it.’”

Lane’s goal not only capped a great career at Central Catholic, it was a perfect finish for the Raiders season.