Youth movement gives Medfield first D2 title

WORCESTER, Mass. -- It’s a young world.

Medfield freshman Shea Newman clocked a goal and an assist and sophomore Sara Isaacson tagged on two assists, garnering the Division 2 state title for the first time in school history, 4-0, over Auburn.

“It feels really good to know that all of our hard work this season has paid off,” said Newman.

“The girls just did a beautiful, beautiful job,” added Medfield coach Michael LaFrancesca. “Great leadership, worked hard from preseason all the way in. They set three goals for themselves, and they achieved those three goals… Their goal was to make it further, go to the state finals, and winning the Division 2 state finals.”

The scoring began at 29:28 in the first on a free kick by senior defender Kate Wasley, but Medfield (21-1-2) had already challenged Auburn defender Arri Diamantis four times, so a free kick opportunity was sure to amount to something good for the Warriors.

“We’ve done it a couple of times, and it worked once this season against Hopkinton,” said Wasley of the play where two players stand in between the ball and the goal then split just as the forward winds up to take the shot on goal. “I was a little nervous before the play, but once the whistle sounded, I had a good feeling that we were going to take it home this year.

“I struck it, and it was perfect. It went into the back. It just went right over [the goalie], it was awesome.”

Just under four minutes later at 25:34, as Newman saved the ball from going out of bounds to the right of the Auburn goal, Isaacson booted the orb to sophomore forward Katelyn Murray, who blasted it into the net for the Warriors’ second score.

“[Isaacson] is very good about always playing the ball to my feet,” said Murray. “On that goal, she played a perfect cross, right to my foot, and I was able to pass it right in the corner.”

“As a midfielder, you don’t always score,” said Isaacson. “So being able to contribute in the winning and getting goals is just awesome.”

After fifteen minutes of Medfield controlling the tempo of the game and the ball, while Medfield senior goalie Alex Narlee only had to defend one of two shots on goal from the Rockets (18-2-3) in the first half, senior forward Isabelle Hacket took a look from Newman and scored with 9:51 left in the half.

“On swinger corners, which is one of my better corners,” said Newman, “ I knew I had to hit it towards the six in the middle of twelve players and Isabelle made a great header in.”

Not feeling that they had enough insurance, as a high energy Auburn team was always attempting to catching a breakaway opportunity, Newman wanted to make sure her name, although it is to be seen many more times over the next two years, lit up the score board. Isaacson punted the ball in front of the Auburn goal and Newman jumped, tilted her head to the right and landed the ball in the back of the goal with 7:00 left in the quarter, putting a seal on the final win for the Warriors.

Although all of the Medfield players did not make it onto the field during the game, LaFrancesca made it clear that each player on the team earned the right to be called a champion.

“I have to admit that every single one of those players had something special to contribute. We know that we didn’t have every single player on that field, but every single one of those players had something to contribute to the success on this team.”

Murray has hopes that although this in the first championship for Medfield, this can be the beginning of a winning tradition with continued dedication and commitment to a Warrior mentality.

“If we continue to play as we’ve always played, with this aggressiveness and out style of play which is control soccer, and we continue to have good underclassmen coming up, we can continue to win. “