Dagres, Linde brilliant for Weston, nab D3 title

WORCESTER, Mass. -- Emma Dagres scored two goals, one a rebound and the other with some speed and fancy ball handling, to lead the Weston Wildcats to the Division III girls’ soccer final, 3-1.

” When I came in here, confidence was at rock-bottom,” said Weston coach James Blackwell. “There were players descending to every other sport than soccer. Soccer was something they’d go and do for fun, and we came in and just said, ’You know what? We’ve got some good players here. I believe in you, we’re going to work hard, apply ourselves, and get to where want to get to.’[And it’s worked out alright. We’re pleased, very pleased.”

Dagres’ first goal came from a goalie save that bounced out and came back into play. Doing her best Shaq impression, Dagres took the rebound and slammed it in the hole, putting her team up 2-0 at 15:17 in the first half and making a lasting mark on the Sutton team, as she was the first opponent to have during live against Sutton all season.

“All year, until their second goal, we hadn’t given up a goal in regular play,” said Sutton head coach David Payne. “We gave up seven during the regular season, and they were all off either a free kick or a corner, set piece.”

Dagres second goal came with 25:51 in the second half. As she was dribbling across the field approaching the Sutton goal, the goal tender came out of the goal, a move that she would regret. With one defender in front of her, Dagres broke left, avoided the defender’s attempt at a steal and with an empty goal launched a missile that hit net, sending shockwaves through the stands.

“Offensively, we try and pass the ball in the corners for me to run to it,” said Dagres. “Because I can use my speed to my advantage, that’s exactly what I did on my second goal. They passed a great ball through, and I just used my speed to get around the goalie and then pass it in the net. But our offense, we’re always really intense and competitive, and that just helps us score a lot.”

The scoring for Weston was started by a Madeline Linde on a free kick at 26:14 in the first half. From thirty yards out, she launched the ball to the top far corner out of the goalie’s reach.

“I’m kinda speechless,” said Linde of the feeling after the win. “I never thought it would have happened. Right now, I’m just so happy. I don’t even know what to say, it’s crazy but we did it. And I’m just so happy.”

“Maddy and I have been really close for a long time, so the camaraderie definitely helps our success,” added Dagres. “We’re basically the same person when it comes to soccer. We know where we want the ball, we know how to pass it to feet, we know how to pass it through so we can run onto it. We just connect so well, and we’ve been playing together for two years, so it works."