Obukwelu: 'Bittersweet' feelings on T-Day

Player Diary correspondent Obum Obukwelu of BC High checks in with his final installment. The Eagles renew their long-standing rivalry with Catholic Memorial this morning on their home turf at Viola Stadium, at 10 a.m.

These last four years flew by extremely fast. It seems like just yesterday we were all gathered in Viola Stadium, waiting for freshmen football tryouts to get underway. That was all the way back in August of 2007, August 27th to be exact. And now it's three years later, heading into the final game of my senior year, the final game of my BC High career. The thought that I won’t be playing for BC High after Thanksgiving is bittersweet, but they say all good things must come to an end. It’s hard to believe this moment has already come, but what better way to end of one’s high school career than playing in one of Massachusetts’ most storied rivalries?

BC High versus Catholic Memorial. I recognize this as a bowl game for both teams. The winner has bragging rights in this must-win game. And honestly, I want my seniors to be the ones who walk off the field with the victory.

As a class, we have yet to lose to CM, and we’re doing our very best to uphold this streak. Especially with old teammates, family, and friends coming to the game, you want to play your very best to show them what your team is all about. This last game is our showcase to the alumni of BC High showing them exactly what type of team the 2010-2011 Eagles were.

All in all, this season was great, and over the past four years I can recall many fun memories. Playing for the Eagles is something I’m truly going to miss. However, there’s still one game remaining before this chapter is closed. Regardless of the outcome, I do know one thing that stands true: we succeed together, and we fail together. But on Thanksgiving our goal is to soar one last time, just like eagles are supposed to. Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.