Louis-Jean: 'Never take anyone lightly'

Player diary correspondent Albert Louis-Jean of Brockton High checks in with his next installment. The Boxers host Bridgewater-Raynham this morning in the inaugural Cape Cod Cafe Cup.

Last week we met up with the Bridgewater-Raynham players and coaches for a meal at the Cape Cod Cafe, as part of the pre-game leading up to our Thanksgiving game with the Trojans. It was a good meeting, it was good to kind of mingle with them a little bit, see what kind of people they are. Overall, it was a good experience in my opinion.

We scrimmage them every year in the preseason, and I can tell you every time it's a game. We smash each other in every scrimmage, and it's usually really close. There's a huge rivalry between the two schools in other sports, and now with football added to it that's even better. It’s always a big game with B-R.

Obviously we are hurt from the New Bedford loss, and possibly not making the Division 1 playoffs. We still could have a chance to make it if Durfee knocks off the Whalers, so for the seniors we just have to make this upcoming game a positive experience. This could possibly be our last game, so we want to leave it all out there. Losing to New Bedford has made us learn that stuff like that can always happen, no matter who the opponent, and we will never take another opponent lightly again. But the past is the past.

From what we've seen from the Trojans, they like to run alot of sweeps, and although they run alot they are a good passing team too. There isn't really anyone that sticks out for them, overall this is a pretty complete and tough team.

I'm also looking forward to eating Thanksgiving dinner at my mother’s house, with my mother’s side of the family. I don’t get to see my mother's side that much. Some of them come to my games, but the rest of them I usually don’t get to see a lot of because of my commitments with football. But the meal is always lovely, particularly the macaroni and cheese and the yams.