Video: Braintree's "no goal" call

STONEHAM, Mass. -- During the first period of Catholic Memorial and Braintree's Super 8 preliminary round game Monday at Stoneham Arena, controversy surrounded a "no goal" call on a shot from Wamps forward Brian Gallagher.

Braintree lost 2-1.

After appearing to cross the goal line, the goal judge signaled with the light on, but, after no motion was made from the on-ice official, play continued.

During the next stoppage, officials went over to confer with the goal judge, but the shot, which had sent the Wamps' sizeable contingent of fans into a frenzy, was washed out.

ESPN Boston videographer Greg Story captured the disputed play, as the puck appears to hit the inside crossbar and land inside the goal line.

Judge for yourself: