Foxborough to name field after Sam Berns

On Monday, the Foxborough School Committee voted to approve the naming of the high school’s new athletic field after student Sam Berns, who died on Jan. 10.

Berns, who was the subject of an HBO documentary, died at age 17 from complications of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, a rare condition that causes accelerated aging effects.

The inspirational student, who was a member of the Warriors’ marching band, was the driving force behind a campaign that raised $1.18 million for the Progeria Research Foundation started by his parents.

Berns, who was honored by the Bruins and Patriots in the past year, was also the subject of a Rick Riley column that chronicled his relationship with Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

The Attleboro Sun-Chronicle reported that the artificial turf field is scheduled to be completed in the fall.