Newton community 'devastated' by tragedy

Adam London's Newton North lacrosse teammates all met at the new high school at 4 p.m. today to join their peers in the student body. A little over a week from now was when the community was supposed to celebrate the grand opening of its newly-renovated, $200 million state of the art school; but this gathering was for a reason nobody ever wanted to anticipate.

The Newton North community finds itself in shock and at a loss for words the afternoon following London's death in a one-car accident around 9:46 p.m. Monday night on Newton's Bellevue Street.

"We just met at the school 25 minutes ago," North lacrosse head coach Bussy Adam said by phone. "We're all supporting the family. We'll get to the ceremony (services) on Friday, and that’s where alot of his friends are going to be, and then they'll be off to college. We'll be resilient, but it's going to be a difficult few days here."

The school is open all week from 2 p.m. on. Adam, who is a police officer in Newton, said he was "in shock" when he first heard of the news, and described his coaching staff and London's teammates as "devastated". London was a quiet, reserved student in North's hallways, but at the same time earned their respect with his diligence on and off the field.

"It's interesting (the lacrosse meeting today) because the 25 kids have 25 different relationships with Adam. He was major part of the team," Adam said. "Defense was our strength this year, and he played a major role in the defense. He was a leader out there on the defensive end, certainly a kid that showed an enormous impact.

"We have a lot of kids returning (next year). We have 15 kids returning, with high expectations, and he was certainly leader on our team. The kids respected him, and they were all excited about the upcoming season."