St. Mark's Tarczewski planning visits

In his popular "Shooting 3's" column today, ESPN basketball recruiting analyst Dave Telep checks in with coveted St. Mark's big man Kaleb Tarczewski, who is set to take an unofficial visit to Kansas next month.

Things are still considered wide open for the 7-foot New Hampshire resident, but the Jayhawks have been hot on Tarczewski's trail for some time now. Telep thinks the center's recruitment will become a whole lot clearer next month, and also praises his coachability:

Kansas, Arizona and North Carolina are high up on his list of schools. The 6-foot-10 Tarczewski is going to take an unofficial visit to Kansas during June and maybe the other spots as well. His schedule is more open now than it was in early May since baseball season is over. Baseball? Yes, St. Mark's requires students to participate in three sports. Tarczewski's spring sport was JV baseball, but not as a player. Kaleb is officially one of the tallest team managers in the history of JV baseball.

Tarczewski is a commodity as a collegian and beyond. Blessed with a sturdy body, his offense is coming along and the next step is to be a consistent point- and rebound-producer. His summer coach is John Carroll, the former coach of the Boston Celtics. Carroll is tough on his guys and by now, Tarczewski's heard every name in the book. Some kids aren't ready to be coached hard in college; Tarczewski was ready two years ago for that. He's a willing student of the game under Carroll and isn't fazed by the intensity or volume at which Carroll comes at him. It's a trait not lost on college recruiters because Tarczewski comes ready-made to be coached and coached hard as a freshman.