Obukwelu: 'It's going to be a battle'

Boston College High lineman Obum Obukwelu checks in today with his second player diary entry. The Eagles face Brockton this Friday at Marciano Stadium.

Obum ObukweluHey everybody, I'm back with my second installment of this season’s player diary, now as a UConn commit. I recently made the phone call to Coach Edsall to finally make it official, and it was a great relief. Even better, now I can focus solely on the books and leading my team back to the playoffs. Preseason camp went really well, and the team is gearing up for Friday's matchup in Brockton. We can't wait. Things are looking great as we head into this game, so we’re just continuing to practice and counting down the days.

Like I said before, I can't wait. The 2010 season opener taking on some of my good friends in my hometown should be a great one. Next year will make it 10 years that I’ve been living in Brockton, so this city has played its part in making me who I am. Throughout these 10 years I've made a lot of friends in this city, many of whom I went to elementary school and junior high with. So it's going to be interesting going against the guy who I sat next to in third rd grade, or even the classmate I worked on a National History Day project with.

Regardless, it's going to be a battle, as it always is whenever the Eagles take on the Boxers at Marciano Stadium. The last time I played there was in 2008, taking on the team we eventually met again in the Super Bowl, and that game was nothing less than a battle. Who knows, we just might meet again later on this season.

I even think back to 2007, when I was only a freshman, watching from the stands at Viola Stadium as my Eagles triumphed over the Boxers, 35-33. Games like that just make me love the sport. There is no doubt in my mind that Friday’s game should be just as exciting.