Miller: A season 'for the rest of our lives'

Andover High tight end Brian Miller checks in with his second Player Diary installment of the season. The Golden Warriors open the season tomorrow night with a visit from cross-town rival North Andover.

Preseason is finally over, and my teammates and I couldn’t be more excited to lace up the cleats and kick the season off in a big way. We got back from camp about 10 days ago, and we got a lot of work done up in Maine. We were only there for two days, but we had four great practices and our team meetings really helped the entire team grasp our new offense and defense. Not only did we get a lot of work done, but the team really came together and became one unit which is what we are going to need in order to meet and exceed our goals for the season.

After two days of camp, we woke up at 5:30 a.m. to get on a bus from Maine to Acton-Boxborough for our first scrimmage. We were a little shaky with the smaller details but the whole team was excited and going hard on every play. We’ve had one scrimmage since then, and we played great defensively, but we’re still working out some kinks on offense. Based on the scrimmages, I think we just need to stay focused on every snap and stick to our game plan. When we do that, we are at our best.

Returning to school has really made me realize that our senior season is finally here, and my fellow seniors and I are extremely excited for it. Ever since we started playing in the junior football league in town, we have dreamed of our senior season. So, we are going to do everything we can to make sure we have no regrets, and give it our all on every game and every practice. With school starting, the days become longer and more tiring, but we know the effort we put in is what we are going to get out of our season. So, all of the hard work is definitely worth it.

As for preparing for our first game, we haven’t changed much. Every practice this season has been intense, and the team has been focused and working to get better. As long as we do that every day, we know we will be prepared for any team we face. There isn’t much else I can do to prepare myself for the game because I have been waiting my whole football career to start my senior season and that moment is finally here. I am amped up to get out there on the field with my teammates and show the state what we can do. We will do everything we can to make sure that this season is the season that we will remember for the rest of our lives.