King Philip wins 0-0?

The record books will forever show that King Philip won its second straight Division 1 state softball championship with a 1-0 decision over Amherst last month.

However, upon further review, the Warriors might not have scored a run at all.

Jim Pignatiello of the Daily Hampshire Gazette examined yesterday in this story the interesting circumstances surrounding KP's game-winning run scored in the sixth inning.

The controversy stems from Hurricanes head coach Kacey Schmitt's appeal that a KP runner didn't touch third base while rounding the bases on Meg Carnase's would-be game-winning hit. The bases-loaded, bases-clearing hit looked to score three runs, until umpires then ruled the third runner out, giving KP a 2-0 lead. After conferring, the umpiring crew then awarded the Warriors one run, citing that it was the second runner attempting to score who'd missed the third base bag.

However, Pignatiello's investigation of the National Federation of State High School Association's rulebook showed KP's lone run shouldn't have been.

"The game should have remained scoreless according to National Federation of State High School Associations softball rule 9.1.1 exception D, which states 'a run is not scored if the runner advances to home plate during action in which the third out is declared on an appeal play resulting in a force out (This play takes precedence if enforcing it would negate a score).'"

Still, Jim Leonard's team remain champions, as MIAA spokesman Paul Wetzel pointed out.

"Once the game is over, even if the umpires made a provable mistake, the game is over," Wetzel told Pignatiello. "Even with the premise being that the umpires in the end made a mistake, that mistake dies with the game. There's just nothing you can do about it."