Everett Jr. OT Montelus already has four offers

ESPN's Roger Brown checks in today on his recruiting blog with Everett offensive lineman John Montelus, who has already scored scholarship offers from four BCS programs before his junior year of school has even started.

the 6-foot-4, 293-pound left tackle is still 15 years old, and received offers from UConn and Syracuse after attending their camps this summer. NC State and Virginia have since offered, after seeing tape sent by head coach John DiBiaso.

Brown writes:

"He's got four offers right now and he's gonna get some more," DiBiaso said. "He was tall and lean as a freshman and probably played at 245 as a sophomore. He just filled into his body.

"He's just what they're looking for at the next level. He's got good feet, he's a great pass blocker and he has long arms. At the UConn camp they told us he has the arms of someone who's 6-6 or 6-7."

Montelus said he's hoping to land an offer from Penn State. He has yet to visit either NC State or Virginia.

"Right now UConn is looking better than Syracuse because of the line coach at UConn [Mike Foley] who came to my school last spring," Montelus said. "I get mail from Boston College. BC's a great place to be an offensive lineman."

Everett has two other Division I prospects on its roster: quarterback Jon DiBiaso (coach's son) and linebacker Vondell Langston.

Montelus, who will turn 16 next week, started at the varsity level when he was 14.

"He's just gonna get better," DiBiaso said. "I can tell you my son's happy he's protecting his left side. He's a good boy with good grades. The sky's the limit for him."

For more recruiting updates on New England's top high school football talent, be sure to check out Brown's ESPN blog.