L-S' Katalina records 300th career win

SUDBURY, Mass. -- Entering Wednesday’s match against Boston Latin, Lincoln-Sudbury varsity volleyball head coach Judy Katalina knew that she was on the doorstep of achieving a significant milestone, her 300th win. She approached this particular match like any other, but after a quick 3-0 victory over the Wolf Pack, the Warriors celebrated this special moment by showering her with hugs, high-fives and cheers.

“I’m just elated,” said the smiling Katalina. “Lincoln-Sudbury is the most incredible place to coach in the world. Nancy O’Neil is an amazing Athletic Director, I have the most supportive parents [and] the kids are amazing. They’re so passionate about the sport and it makes my job easy because they want to be there every day and I never have to speak to them about working hard. They have a great work ethic and they just love to have fun out there and wins come when they have fun.”

Said L-S senior Kelley White of Katalina, “She’s the best coach I’ve ever had. She’s one in a million [and] she forms as a team that’s why we’re so consecutively great every single year. She’s an awesome coach, awesome coach.”

Katalina has also endured other forms of success over her 20-year coaching stint with the Warriors. She’s received various statewide awards, been mentioned as a MIAA Division I girl’s volleyball coach of the year numerous times, and has been inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Massachusetts Volleyball Coaches Association.

“It’s quite an achievement to get to her 300th [victory] and I know how hard she works, so it’s great to be apart [of this significant milestone],” said Boston Latin head coach Kai Yuen.

“We were excited, we knew it was a big deal and we didn’t want to pressure ourselves too much, but we wanted it to happen really bad, so I think that helped us and we had a lot of motivation [to earn this significant win],” said Lincoln-Sudbury junior Whitney LaRow.

After the match, Katalina was honored with a special volleyball from the Lincoln-Sudbury Athletic Department, and was bombarded by various parents, who snapped photos of her and the team celebrating this special moment.

“It took me 15 years to get to 200, and then five more to get to my 300, so we’ve had just a great program,” said Katalina.

Katalina also credits her successful reign with the Warriors when she explained that her coaching method is about teaching her team how to have fun and enjoy the sport of volleyball.

“Kids want to be here [and it’s because] I make what I do fun. If the kids don’t have fun when they leave here, then I’m not doing my job,” said Katalina. “We won a good game today and at no point did you ever see a girl make a mistake and not recover immediately and say, so what, here we go and that’s what it’s all about, just having a blast out there and just getting it done.”