Rex Ryan media call takes turn when reminded of 'above-average' remark

Belichick indifferent to Rex Ryan's antics (0:38)

Bill Belichick is only worried about the Patriots' matchup with the Bills and doesn't care about Rex Ryan's antics. (0:38)

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan's conference call with New England Patriots reporters took a turn when he was asked about his previous remarks of being an "above-average coach" and how that matches up when Patriots coach Bill Belichick's winning percentage against him is higher than his record against others.

"I guess that's the way it is. You guys would know better than me," Ryan said, cutting his answer short.

Ryan didn't seem amused, and when the next question was then asked about Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor, he simply answered, "Above-average quarterback."

After a notable pause, Ryan added, "Go ahead, you guys fill in the blanks, whatever you want to say. Above-average quarterback."

When the next topic was brought up -- the Patriots' impressive running attack -- Ryan detailed some of his thoughts before concluding, "When they decide they're going to run it, they've always been efficient at running the football. But obviously now, when you see it with [LeGarrette] Blount, I'd say an above-average run game."

Things picked up a bit after those exchanges, although Ryan didn't totally let it go.

At the end of the call, when all questions had been answered and Ryan was thanked for his time, he ended with the following remark: "I'm going to show you average who."