Brady on Moss: 'Randy knows how I feel'

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady discussed the Randy Moss trade with Scott Zolak on Patriots.com on Thursday.

Brady, who has often talked about his friendship with Moss and his appreciation of him as a teammate, expressed strong feelings for the veteran receiver but said the team is prepared to move on.

“Randy really knows how I feel about him," said Brady. "I love him, as a guy, as a person, as a player. He did a lot of great things for this team. At the same time I think coach Belichick feels that’s what he thinks he needs to do for the team.

“We as players, we deal with it and we move on. I think I’ve been around long enough to realize nothing really surprises me and the best thing that I can do is be the best quarterback that I can be for the team.”

To watch part of the interview, click HERE.