Brady expecting more blitzing Sunday

FOXBOROUGH -- One of the hot topics Wednesday at Gillette Stadium was Tom Brady versus the blitz.

The premise was that given the success the Jets had in blitzing Brady, the Patriots could see more of that approach in the coming weeks. Brady said he is expecting it.

"It's our job to stop them and really take advantage when they do blitz," he told reporters during his weekly press conference, which was moved from the media workroom to his locker. "If they want to blitz, that means they're singling some guys, and we've got to get the ball to those guys. I think that's how you defeat the blitz.

"It gives our receivers more opportunities. Randy [Moss] and Wes [Welker] and Julian [Edelman] and Joey [Galloway], if we're able to complete the pass, they can break tackles and go for long gains. I've got to get them the ball in a place that they can do something with it."

Brady has dropped back to throw 101 times through two games, and in-game statisticians have recorded 13 hits on him.

"When you throw it as much as we've been throwing it, they're going to get in there," Brady said. "They have good pass-rushes and good guys who can rush the passer. It's just part of our offense; part of it is getting rid of it quickly, making the right read, making the right throw and trying really to make the right play."

Brady said that he took some positive things out of the loss to the Jets, but that he's still not 100 percent comfortable with his mechanics.

He also touched on the need for more offensive balance, which should happen if the team is not playing from behind as much as it has been.

"I think being balanced is the most difficult way for an offense to keep a defense off-balanced," he said.