Harrison joking with Brady

Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison caught the attention of Patriots fans during NBC's "Sunday Night Football" broadcast when he touched on roughing-the-passer penalties against Tom Brady and told Brady: "Take off the skirt and put on some slacks. Toughen up."

Harrison smiled widely after making the remarks. He was joking.

Harrison said late Sunday night in a phone conversation that he texted Brady before making the remarks, telling him he was going to give him a hard time.

Not everyone took Harrison's remarks as a joke, but Harrison wanted to make it clear Sunday night: He was having fun with Brady.

Brady addressed the comments Monday on his weekly radio appearance on WEEI, saying:

"[Laughing] Rodney has been fined more than any player in the history of the NFL, so I can understand why he's a little sensitive toward cheap shots at quarterbacks. & Rodney is like my brother. I love Rodney. There is nothing that Rodney could ever say that would bother me. He's one of my great friends and teammates. If I was football player, I'd want to be Rodney Harrison. There is nobody that played the game like Rodney. He played with all heart. We won two Super Bowls together and he was a huge part of the reason why we won them. It's fun to see him on TV. He hits as hard on TV as he did when he was playing, which is hard to believe. He finds ways to get after everybody."