Brady says "there's nobody like Junior"

Quick hits from quarterback Tom Brady's weekly appearance this morning on WEEI's "Dennis & Callahan" show:

Why he briefly headed to the locker room in the first half: "It was an equipment change. I had my knee brace and on that play I slid, on the run to about the 2-yard line, my knee brace broke in half."

On the imminent signing of Junior Seau: "There is nobody like Junior. His attitude is everything. What he brings in terms of his enthusiasm, his style, his commitment. It's a great presence for everybody -- for all the players, all the coaches. There is nobody that approaches the game like he does. He's a huge asset to our team. He's an incredible player and leader. I think everybody's excited to have him."

On roughing-the-passer penalties: "It's a tough call. I never think those guys are being malicious out there. They are trying to make a play, make the tackle, and it's tough for a defensive player to [pull off] a quarterback. You're trying to get to the quarterback, that's what your job is, what the team is relying on you to do. It's a tough call for the ref. They can't judge intent, so they just judge on what happens. It really goes both ways. We've had plenty of roughing-the-quarterbacks that go against our team. I think in the end, they all pretty much even out."

On the Terrell Suggs penalty and how the Patriots anticipated a flag-filled game: "There are rules that are in place, not only for quarterbacks, but on defenseless receivers, or punters or kickers or chop blocks on defenders, that are for everyone's benefit. I know the quarterbacks are the ones that are singled out. You're in a defenseless position, you're standing there in the pocket and there are a lot of guys around you. It goes for the receivers too. They're defenseless at times, they're looking at the ball and some guy comes and cleans their clock. They're trying to eliminate some of that stuff. Did I think it was malicious? Certainly not. Was it a bad hit? No way. He barely even touched me. The refs were calling it pretty tight yesterday. That crew has been known to call it tight. Coach Belichick told us before the game [that crew] called the most penalties in 2007, they had called the most penalties in 2008, and they were on pace for second this season. So we knew they were calling it tight."