McDaniels shows creativity with Wildcat

DENVER -- The Broncos opened the game using the Wildcat formation, with running back Knowshon Moreno taking the direct snap from quarterback four times on the opening drive.

Moreno's first carry out of the Wildcat went for 12 yards. In all, Moreno had 23 yards on five Wildcat carries.

Why the Wildcat?

"New England is the type of team that is going to give you a different type of look every single time," quarterback Kyle Orton explained. "We thought that we could kind of settle them down a little bit and get them in some looks where we could tell what was going on. It worked for the most part."

The Wildcat caught the Patriots off guard a bit, the team calling a timeout to get things straightened out. It was the first salvo fired in the coaching battle between Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels.

The Patriots spent time on the sidelines making adjustments, but after the four Wildcat carries on the first drive, the Broncos ran it just once the rest of the game -- a 2-yard carry in the third quarter.

It wasn't a major factor in the game, but it showed McDaniels' creativity and led to some of the Xs and Os battles within the game.