Patriots welcome back an old 'buddy'

FOXBOROUGH -- Patriots players were all smiles when asked about the return of linebacker Junior Seau Wednesday.

"Any time you have 'Buddy Buddy' back, it's definitely a morale booster," receiver Wes Welker said, referring to Seau's nickname in the locker room.

As Seau walked through the locker room Wednesday afternoon, receiver Randy Moss turned in his direction and said "Hey, Buddy Buddy!"

Seau earned the nickname because he calls most players Buddy. He joked in the locker room Wednesday that because he's been around the NFL for so long, and been around so many players, it's easier to just call them Buddy.

"I'm so old, and so many players change in the league, it's so hard for me to keep up with names," Seau said. "So everyone is 'Buddy'. If you get 'Buddy, Buddy,' you're really close to me."

Quarterback Tom Brady said he arrived at the stadium at 6:45 a.m., and Seau was already in the weight room in a full sweat.

"He hasn't changed at all. He brings a lot of energy to the team, a lot of excitement," Brady said. "Attitude is everything with Junior. He's a great professional and shows great leadership. He's a playmaker. I'm glad he's back on the team."