Simms: Too early to panic

CBS analyst Phil Simms, who will call his third of four straight Patriots games Sunday, shares his thoughts on the matchup against the Titans:

On the game: "Tennessee always has a shot, but it's not great because of confidence. And now there is five weeks on tape so everybody sees what has caused them to be 0-5. Teams are going to keep attacking until they can fix it and make them do something else. The game interests me because New England, like most teams in the NFL, just keep fighting until they find what they are on both sides of the football. With the Patriots, the running back situation would be a concern of mine just looking at them. And the passing game is still not what everybody expects -- razor sharp. It's definitely way too early to panic."

On the Titans: "I don't have time to list all the reasons why they're 0-5. But just one little aspect of any team can affect the whole team. It's from the coordinator to Albert Haynesworth to guys who are a year older, which affects their defense and affects their offense. And they lost a couple of games that they probably shouldn't have. There's a fine line between 2-3, 3-2 and 0-5. Tennessee has found ways to be 0-5."