Titans embarrassed by shellacking

FOXBOROUGH -- As one would expect from the losing team in a 59-0 game, Titans coach Jeff Fisher and his players called Sunday's shellacking the low point of their season.

"Career-wise, I have never been through anything like this before," said Fisher, the longest tenured active NFL head coach with the same team (15 years). "I am very disappointed obviously and embarrassed to say the least. We played a very good football team, but that wasn't us out there."

The Titans finished with minus-7 gross passing yards, which marked the first time since the AFL-NFL merger that a team finished with negative gross passing yards.

"It's about as bad as it gets, period, the end," said quarterback Kerry Collins. "I haven't been a part of a game like this in the pros. We made a lot of mistakes and we played a really good football team. When you put those two things together, it's going to be a bad loss."

Added linebacker Keith Bulluck: "I have been playing sports since I was 8, and never in any sport have I experienced anything like this. I guess the problem was we could not stop them. We kept giving them the ball on turnovers. It seemed like whatever they dialed up was working and a couple of times they had great calls for whatever we called."