Brady discusses Sunday's win

Quick hits from quarterback Tom Brady's weekly appearance on sports radio WEEI on the "Dennis & Callahan" program as part of "Patriots Monday" programming:

1) Brady's film work. During the CBS broadcast, analyst Phil Simms noted that Brady spent extra time studying his mechanics in the days leading up to the game. "I think of the throwing the football very similar to a golfer with a golf swing, a jump shooter [in basketball] or the way a baseball player swings the bat," Brady said. "There are technical things you need to do, and sometimes you get into bad habits."

2) Best week of practice. Brady said it was not only the Patriots' game of the season, but that they had their best week of practice as well.

3) Kevin Faulk's role as a leader. Brady talked about not putting too much into one game, then noted how running back Kevin Faulk said something to the team that resonated after last week's difficult 20-17 overtime loss in Denver. "I think it's important not to ride the roller-coaster of an NFL season," Brady said. "He said last week after the game 'Listen guys, congratulate the other team, and let's get back to work.'"

4) On a sideline conversation with Junior Seau. CBS cameras captured a sideline conversation between Brady and Seau. "I said 'Junior, you show up for one game and we win by 60 points. Where were you six weeks ago?'" Brady relayed. "Since Junior came back [in 2007], we haven't lost a regular-season game with Junior on the roster. We're 22-0 in his last 22 regular-season games. I said 'Junior, we figured out the problem.'"

5) Second TD to Moss was improvised offense. "The second one was pretty cool. That's not really how we drew it up. It was a play where Randy was going to the post, and for some reason he ran straight up field and threw his arm up. I think the corner sat there. He kind of saw something. I was actually trying to throw the ball to Ben [Watson] and saw Randy across the back end line and threw it. The guy hit me as I was going down. It was a good football play by a lot of people -- by the offensive line obviously, and Randy uncovered himself back there. That was a fun one. We haven't had many of those this year."