Arrington's promotion came after Mangini's bid

When the Patriots promoted cornerback Kyle Arrington from the practice squad to the 53-man active roster last Friday, it was a result of another team attempting to sign him.

The Patriots didn't want to lose Arrington so they bumped him up to the active roster. In turn, they released veteran Kendall Simmons in a move that coach Bill Belichick said the team wasn't planning on making.

Some bloggers projected that perhaps it was the Colts, who had experienced a run of injuries in the secondary, making a run at Arrington. But it was a different team in the Midwest: Eric Mangini's Cleveland Browns.

When asked about it on Thursday, Arrington explained how the process unfolded.

He said his primary motivation was simply getting a chance to play, and that's why he strongly considered the offer to join the Browns' 53-man active roster. At the same time, he described himself as being loyal, which explains why he told the Patriots about the offer in hopes he would remain with them.

So it became a situation where he was balancing his desire to play and loyalty to New England.

In the end, he got the best of both worlds: the chance to play and to do so here in New England.

"I appreciate them making the bid to move me up," Arrington said.