Reviewing the punt block

Reviewing the second-quarter blocked punt that was recovered for a touchdown, and where the breakdown occurred:

The Jets brought their vice men in to rush, giving them 10 players in pursuit of punter Chris Hanson. That brought the Patriots gunners -- Bret Lockett and Matthew Slater -- into the formation in protection.

The punt block came off the defensive right side.

The Patriots had Bret Lockett, Jerod Mayo, Pierre Woods, James Sanders and long snapper Jake Ingram in protection from left to right. Pat Chung was the personal protector.

It looked like Woods lost count of the rushers, as his man broke through the line for the block while he initially stepped toward the player that Ingram was blocking. This could have been a result of confusion from when the Jets brought their extra players in to rush, which altered the protection in terms of which players to block.