Brady's penalty history

On Thursday, it was noted that quarterback Tom Brady is tied for the team lead with six penalties, all of which are delay-of-game infractions.

How rare are the delay-of-game penalties for Brady?

That was a question asked to ESPN's Stats & Information group, which dipped into its research database to provide the answer: Very rare.

Prior to this season, Brady had been flagged for delay-of-game a total of eight times. The breakdown looks like this:

2001: 1

2002: 0

2003: 1

2004: 3

2005: 1

2006: 1

2007: 1

After Sunday's win over the Jets, in which he was penalized twice, Brady said that he felt he got both snaps off in time. Coach Bill Belichick, during his weekly appearance on sports radio WEEI, agreed.

Said Belichick on WEEI: "Tom is very good at that. In the whole time I've coached him here, you could probably count on two hands the amount of delay of game penalties. The two we had in the first Jets game [Sept. 20] was like a season's worth."