Bruschi breaks down Patriots-Saints

This week's "Bruschi's Breakdown" has been posted on ESPNBoston.com, with former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi providing his insight on the team's upcoming game against the Saints.

Of the team's second-half struggles in its three losses, Bruschi says:

"This is out of character for a Bill Belichick-coached team, but at this point of the season, you pretty much are what you are -- you've had all training camp, then September, October and November to develop your identity. And right now the Patriots aren't a second-half team. That can end up being a huge problem in terms of your season being over early. That being said, I think if the Patriots beat the Saints, they have a chance to eliminate that label and the reason why is this: If you solve a problem like that in a big game, against a great team, it can sometimes flip a switch and you can ride that through toward a successful season."