Advice to Moss: Be like Wes

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Just finished working up a piece on Randy Moss and his performance in the Patriots' 20-10 win over the Panthers.

Panthers cornerback Chris Gamble said after the game that he felt Moss wasn't giving full effort on every play.

He didn't go as far as to say that Moss quit on the field, but he felt like he could learn something effortwise from one of his teammates.

“Some of his body language let me know it was a run, and that’s how I got a feel on when to help out on the run,” Gamble said. “I think if he came off the ball and had a little Wes Welker in him, you wouldn’t know what was coming. That’s what I think Moss needs to do -- be like Wes and go hard every play. I’m going to respect him, and every other [defensive back] is going to respect him if he comes off the ball hard.”