Gumbel/Dierdorf on the call

Greg Gumbel (play-by-play) and Dan Dierdorf (analysis) will call Sunday's game between the Patriots and Bills, which is the 100th in the series between the teams. This marks the second time this season that the Gumbel/Dierdorf team will call a Patriots game.

The breakdown:

Patriots-Bills (ESPN): Mike Tirico/Ron Jaworski/Jon Gruden

Patriots-Jets (CBS): Nantz/Simms

Patriots-Falcons (Fox): Joe Buck/Troy Aikman

Patriots-Ravens (CBS): Nantz/Simms

Patriots-Broncos (CBS): Nantz/Simms

Patriots-Titans (CBS): Nantz/Simms

Patriots-Buccaneers (CBS): Nantz/Simms

Patriots-Dolphins (CBS): Greg Gumbel/Dan Dierdorf

Patriots-Colts (NBC): Al Michaels/Cris Collinsworth

Patriots-Jets (CBS): Nantz/Simms

Patriots-Saints (ESPN): Tirico/Jaworski/Gruden

Patriots-Dolphins (CBS): Nantz/Simms

Patriots-Panthers (Fox): Kenny Albert/Darryl Johnston/Tony Siragusa

Patriots-Bills (CBS): Gumbel/Dierdorf