CBS analyst Dierdorf talks Pats-Bills

Dan Dierdorf, who will provide analysis on the CBS broadcast of Sunday’s Patriots-Bills game, provides his thoughts on the matchup:

On the game

“You look at this matchup and see a quarterback in Ryan Fitzpatrick making his [21st] start in the NFL, a Buffalo team with a losing record and that New England has dominated historically, and you say, ‘This is pretty much a mail-it-in game.’ But factor in that the New England Patriots have been a little up and down; they’ve only won one game on the road; and the game is in Buffalo, a hard place to win with the wind and the cold, a game that looks like it might be a no-brainer could end up being anything but. The conditions could be less than favorable for throwing the football and New England is a passing team.”

On the Bills

There are some teams in this league that just aren’t competitive. Maybe once or twice a year they can muster it up, but the Bills certainly don’t fall into that category. The Bills are 5-8, but the first time that these two teams played, opening weekend in New England, it was a 25-24 ballgame. This is a much better Buffalo team than some of the bottom dwellers. They only lost to Jacksonville, 18-15. They lost to the Jets, 19-13. This is not a bad football team. It’s a team with a losing record, but this team is far from being an embarrassment.”

On weather conditions being a factor

“It’s the middle of December in Buffalo. I don’t need to say much more than that. It could be wild. It’s going to be frosty. I think the temperature is going to be somewhere in the 20s. And as we know in Buffalo, the wind will probably be blowing. Who knows what might happen? The Bills are the worst run defending team in the NFL but it will be interesting to see if New England can take advantage of that because New England is not a strong running team. They are middle of the road. They’re just not a ‘pound it at you’-type football team. They are a pass-first offense. It will be interesting to see if New England is capable of taking advantage of that matchup that they have.”