Pats protection gets kudos from Freeney

Thanks to Patsfans.com, the popular Patriots fan website, I was alerted to Dwight Freeney's comments on ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" program this morning.

Freeney, the ferocious Colts pass-rushing defensive end, was asked which offensive tackle gives him the toughest day. His answer might surprise some.

"That's a very interesting question. It used to be Jonathan Ogden and [Orlando] Pace, but I haven't seen those guys in a while. Obviously, Ogden's retired. You have Walter Jones out there, but now it's a little different because I see so much double-teams that it's become a [running] back and a tackle. So it's hard to identify just that guy," Freeney said.

"I know teams that are very good that protect; the Patriots do a great job at what they do from a scheme standpoint. Being able to scheme up, bringing a tight end sliding in protection. They've always been very tough, no matter who they have out there from a Matt Light to anyone else. So I would say the Patriots do a great job of protecting Tom [Brady]. I think they'd probably be one of the best as far as scheming and protecting their guy."