Sound bites from Patriots, Jaguars

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. –- Sound bites from the postgame scene:

1. Ty Warren touched on the mood in the Patriots’ locker room. “I’m not really parading the hats and shirts around. I’m happy that we’re the AFC East champion, but at the same time, there is more work to do.”

2. Bill Belichick repeated a few times that the team had a “real good” week of practice. “They did a great job of being focused all the way through,” he said. “Players stepped up and made play after play, did a lot of things right out there. I’m really proud of them. I think they earned what they got today. It’s good to walk off the field as AFC East champions this year.”

3. Players were excited to be given a “Victory Monday”, which means they'll have the day off.

4. Warren touched on why it was important to clinch the title this week, giving the team the option to rest injured players such as him next week. Warren is battling through an ankle injury. “Just personally, from my talks with different people here on staff, that was huge for me. It made my decision easier to go out there today,” he said.

5. Fred Taylor had the game jersey that Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew wore in his locker. Jones-Drew autographed it and had it delivered to Taylor, his former teammate in Jacksonville. “I’ll never forget this game,” Taylor said. “It went from mentor/pupil, and now I’m getting autographed jerseys from him.”

6. Wes Welker on his three remarkable seasons since joining the Patriots: “I knew my numbers would probably go up just having Tom [Brady] and the type of offense we’re in. I never knew it would be like this.”

7. Brandon Meriweather made one of the big plays in the game –- a third-and-1 tackle on the Jaguars' opening drive in which he was like a missle heading toward the sideline. “I just trusted my instincts,” he said. “I think that was what I was lacking in the last couple of weeks.”

8. Taylor on playing for the first time since Oct. 4. “It felt great to be back and get an opportunity to play a little bit. That’s why I worked my butt off.”

9. Center Dan Koppen said he felt the performance was the Patriots’ best. “Hopefully we can build on this and keep going. From start to finish, everybody was in it.”

10. Jones-Drew recapped one of the big plays of the game, when he was stopped on fourth-and-1. “We were going to bounce the play, but they got a little penetration and it took me longer to get outside. They made a great play.”