Seau riding the playoff wave

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Leave it to Junior Seau to compare playoff experience to surfing.

"Can you forecast what a playoff game is going to bring?" said Seau, pondering the question he had just been asked Thursday inside the Patriots' locker room. "You can never anticipate nor assimilate what's going to happen on Sunday. It's like a wave that you ride on the ocean, and every wave is different."

Seau, he of 19 NFL seasons, will be the elder playoff statesman when the Patriots battle the Ravens in a wild card matchup Sunday at Gillette Stadium. He admits that playoff experience is a luxury, but certainly not a necessity.

"[Experience] is nice to have, we're not going to turn it down, but as far as that goes, it comes down to performance," said Seau. "You have to go out there and perform. There's no ifs or buts. There' no gray area -- it's just black and white. Either you win or you lose and, obviously, we know what happens to losers."

The lasting image from Seau's last playoff game is him walking off the field in a stream of red, white, and blue confetti as the Giants celebrating an improbable victory in Super Bowl XLII.