Wilfork: 'We got beat up'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork summed up Sunday's loss to the Ravens pretty simply.

"We got beat up," said Wilfork.

"We didn't come to play, point blank. We never had a chance from the first play until the last play. They came in and they wanted it more than us, and it showed. What can you do about it? Move on, there's no film watching now. Everything's over. You take it in stride. They played a hell of a ballgame. Clearly they showed what they wanted to do is run the ball, and they did. And did it very well. No excuses, we didn't come to play."

Wilfork and the Patriots' defense were gouged for 234 yards rushing on 52 attempts, with Ray Rice doing the bulk of the damage with 159 yards on 22 carries, including an 83-yard touchdown run on the game's first play from scrimmage.

"He found a crease and he hit it," said Wilfork. "He hit it hard. The first play of the game, you don't want to start out like that. He's already small. He found a crease where, only he could see through it. Trust me. We looked at the film on the sideline and we couldn't believe he got through it. But he did."

Wilfork expressed a desire for a long-term deal and admitted that, in the game's final moments, he pondered whether this was the last time he would take the field as a Patriot.

"As the time ticked off that clock, it kind of dawned on me," said Wilfork. "I told my teammates, the guys I played with on defense, I don't know if this is the last game I played with you or not, but if it is, I love you, and I'm going to miss you. But who knows."