Light: We needed to make more plays

The State Of The Patriots (9:53)

NFL Live sits down with Patriots offensive tackle Matt Light (9:53)

New England Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light talked to ESPN’s Trey Wingo about what the team needs to improve most this offseason.

“The biggest thing that we need to do is spend more time around each other,” Light said. “It’s a totally different group. ... I think for the most part we’ve got a good core group of leaders, veterans that have been around for a long time but then there’s all these other guys, that fit into the rookie category, first or second year with the team. We need them to step up, as well as the leaders we have now, and really be more mentally sound.

"There are a lot of instances in those games where had we made one critical play at one specific moment it would have turned things around. We used to be able to do that on a consistent basis. Those are the things we’ve got to get back to.”

Light also touched on the fourth-and-2 call, the Super Bowl and more in the nine-minute interview. Watch the entire conversation above.