Cowher tips his cap to the Patriots

Former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach and current CBS football analyst Bill Cowher shared some strong feelings about the Patriots this week at the Super Bowl.

Tim Graham, who covers the AFC East for ESPN.com, passes along some of Cowher's comments.

Speaking about the Patriots as his choice for the team of the decade, Cowher said: "You go back to the body of work and the consistency, and I think New England CLEARLY is above everybody else. They never had that one down year. They've been on the brink from when they first won until 2001 until this past year they were in the playoffs. They've been the most consistent team."

Cowher also talked about what he learned from the Patriots.

"The humility that they won with, that's what set them apart," he said. "I learned a lot from their ability to respect an opponent every week, to not get caught up with it. ... I remember taking a lot from the way the New England Patriots handled success. To me, they epitomize that. How you handle success and not get caught up in it makes them role models."

Cowher also touched on the Patriots being penalized for illegal videotaping procedures in the context of whether that should taint the team's accomplishments.

"Listen, there's people stealing signals all the time before that," Cowher said. "You have ways to hide those things. We had wristbands for our defense. I remember trying to get offensive plays and see what the formations were. Everybody knows. ... You're trying to gain a competitive edge. Did that go beyond it? To a degree. Do I think that helped them win football games? No. You still have to go out and play the game. I still have a hard time believing that was a difference in a game."