NFL combine quick hits, Part III

INDIANAPOLIS -- Sights, sounds and picked-up pieces through a Patriots-like lens at the NFL combine:

1. Former Patriots vice president of player personnel Scott Pioli was asked if the Patriots' style of 3-4 defense, which his Chiefs also run, might be outdated based on current changes in the NFL. He defended the scheme, saying teams can still win with it. "Everything goes in cycles," he said. "They thought that defense was dead in '86 when the Giants won the Super Bowl, and then didn't go to the Super Bowl for two more years. And that defense didn't go to the Super Bowl from '90 to '96. You guys have run out of patience up there, haven't you?"

2. Pioli said the Chiefs aren't in the market for a quarterback and that former Patriot Matt Cassel is their man.

3. Pioli on how much he keeps track of things in New England: "Honestly, there is not enough time to. Obviously, I keep in touch with some friends back there, but there is so much on my plate right now." Pioli said that he follows Red Sox manager Terry Francona, who he had developed a strong relationship with.

4. Asked a question by Andy Hart of Patriots Football Weekly about being part of a team that didn't name coordinators, Pioli said: "I've been with programs that have been successful with and without coordinators. The bottom line is people in the locker room know who the boss is, and who's making decisions. Just because there isn't a title out there for the rest of the world to see doesn't mean that the people inside [don't know]. It's never a secret to the players."