Video: Bruschi on Moss and Wilfork

Tedy Talks Patriots (1:44)

Former Patriot and current ESPN NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi on Randy Moss and Vince Wilfork's contract situation. (1:44)

Tedy Bruschi warns Patriots fans not to overreact to Randy Moss' "Patriots don't pay" comments last week, saying he thinks the aging receiver is just reading the writing on the wall. Moss is entering the final year of his contract and said he doesn't think the Patriots will sign him to an extension.

"Will you have a good Moss for one year? you hope so," Bruschi said. "If you don't think that's the situation you gotta trade Randy Moss and hopefully get something for him."

Bruschi also talked about Vince Wilfork's situation. The Patriots placed the franchise tag on Wilfork earlier this week but both sides have said they are hopeful for a deal.

"This is discouraging," Bruschi said. "Discouraging because they have had a year to get this done with Wilfork, and just like the Patriots said in their statement, unfortunately after numerous attempts and proposals, they still haven't been able to get it done. That means 'we put our best foot forward and still can't sign him.'

"Do you want Vince Wilfork playing for you with the franchise tag? I don't think so because Vince Wilfork is the type of player that wants to know the organization is behind him. ... You give him a long-term deal."

Check out the video above for Bruschi's complete comments.