Patriots connection to new OT rule

ORLANDO -- One of the more interesting points of view that I heard about the NFL's new overtime rule for the playoffs had a strong Patriots connection.

Part of the reason one team opposed the rule change was because of the added stress it places on coaches who make risky decisions. Bill Belichick's fourth-and-2 call against the Colts during the 2009 regular season was cited as one example.

Someone connected to ownership from one of the teams opposing the OT change pointed out how Belichick was crucified for his unconventional decision. With that in mind, he didn't want his coach put into the same position when all the decisions that come with the new overtime rule were put into play in such a high-stakes environment as the playoffs (e.g. if the receiving team advances the ball to the 5 yard line, does it kick the field goal or go for it?).

The line of thinking went like this: Since Belichick was so vilified for a risky regular-season decision that backfired -- and coaches already have enough critical decisions to make -- imagine what it would be like if something like that happened in overtime of the playoffs or Super Bowl.