Pats draft party video: Analysts talk pick 22

Who Will The Patriots Draft In Round 1? (4:48)

Todd Mcshay, Tedy Bruschi and others breakdown who the Patriots are looking at in Round 1 (4:48)

FOXBOROUGH -- Last Saturday, the Patriots held a draft party for their season-ticket holders that was presented by SportsCenter and ESPNBoston.com.

ESPN's Michael Smith was the emcee for the event. He directed a discussion with a panel that included ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay, ESPN football analyst Tedy Bruschi, Patriots Football Weekly's Andy Hart, and me.

In the coming days, more video from the event will be posted on ESPNBoston.com. The clip included in this entry is from early in the discussion, when the question was asked: Who will the Patriots select at 22?

McShay got the chatter going by listing some of the possibilities he thinks might be available and under consideration: Texas outside linebacker Sergio Kindle, Michigan outside linebacker Brandon Graham, Georgia Tech receiver Demaryius Thomas, Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson and Alabama cornerback Kareem Jackson.

There is a light moment as footage of Kindle runs, with Bruschi laughing and almost jumping out of his seat as Kindle is shown hammering a quarterback.

"I think somebody is missing the game a little bit," McShay said, with the crowd laughing.

As the discussion moves around the panel, some of the Patriots' top needs are listed (defensive line, outside linebacker, receiver, tight end). Florida center Maurkice Pouncey is mentioned as a player who would be the safest pick and bring a physical edge back to the offense, while also providing insurance if Logan Mankins' contract situation looms. More discussion on Kindle ensues, before Bruschi asks the question: Will he even be available?

Bruschi then breaks down the discussion by focusing on the tight end spot, highlighting Oklahoma's Jermaine Gresham and Arizona's Rob Gronkowski.

"These are a couple tight ends that can get vertical and get up the field, and sort of give you a playmaker at a place that you haven't had in a long time," Bruschi said. "You talk about Daniel Graham, he was a first-round pick. You talk about Ben Watson, he was the last pick in the first round. I sort of have a feeling like Coach Belichick is searching for Mark Bavaro -- somehow, somewhere. He was a great Giant tight end. Gresham and Gronkowski, those two guys may be that."