Another difference between Pats & Jets

Earlier this morning, using the Jets' acquisition of receiver Santonio Holmes as a springboard, the differences in how the Jets and Patriots are building their teams this offseason was highlighted.

Here is another difference: The Jets now have six selections in the NFL draft. The Patriots have 12.

The Jets still have picks in the first round (29th overall) and second round (61st overall). They don't have a third-rounder, having traded it to Cleveland last season for receiver Braylon Edwards. Their board fills out with picks in the fourth (from Arizona for Kerry Rhodes), fifth (from Philadelphia), sixth and seventh rounds.

The Patriots' draft is defined by having four selections among the top 53 -- one first-rounder (22nd overall) and three second-rounders (44, 47, 53). There are two big gaps on the board, as the team is without third- and fifth-round picks from the Derrick Burgess trade. The Patriots have a fourth-round pick, two sixth-rounders and five seventh-rounders.

The Patriots traditionally like to stockpile draft choices. The Jets, on the other hand, are comfortable going the less-is-more route.

Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum points to his team's success with rookie free agents as a primary reason he's willing to give up some picks if he feels it's for the right veteran player. New England region college football fans need only to look toward Maine's Mike DeVito as one example of this, as he's become a solid contributor on the defensive line in New York.