Bruschi on life as a rookie with Pats

What do players drafted by the Patriots have to look forward to?

Tedy Bruschi answered the question about what life might be like as a rookie in New England during the Patriots’ pre-draft party for season-ticket holders April 3 (video below).

“I wouldn’t want to be a rookie under Bill Belichick,” said Bruschi, who was a rookie under Bill Parcells in 1996. “Coach Belichick is even rougher on them than Coach Parcells was back then. With Coach Parcells, you just had to have thick skin. He constantly came at you and tested your mental toughness on what he would say and the jabs he would give you.

“With Coach Belichick, rookies have to be here early. Rookies have to stay here late. They have to practice after, do extra stuff after practice, because they are in the so-called developmental phase. Even in training camp, they have things that are called ‘opportunity practices.’ That means all the veterans get to go off the field in the ice tubs and all the rookies get to continue to practice. They are worked constantly.”

Bruschi then talked about hitting the "rookie wall" around the 10th week of the season, which is commonplace for rookies across the NFL.