Breaking down Pats WR corps

Following today's news that the Patriots have reached a one-year contract agreement with receiver Torry Holt, here is a look at how the team's receiving corps, without the recovering Wes Welker, shapes up:

Randy Moss

Julian Edelman

Brandon Tate

Torry Holt

Sam Aiken

David Patten

Isaiah Stanback

Matthew Slater

Darnell Jenkins

ANALYSIS: The Patriots' agreement with Holt seems like an insurance policy for Tate, the talented 2009 third-round draft choice who remains a wild card because of his injury history. With Randy Moss the clear-cut No. 1 option and Julian Edelman the most likely pass-catcher to replace Welker in the slot, the question is who steps up as the third receiver. The Patriots had Sam Aiken in that role at times last season, but he seems best utilized as a No. 4 or 5 option with his primary contributions as a special teams captain. Part of what made Jabar Gaffney a valuable No. 3 target in New England was his ability to play all receiver spots, and Holt could offer something similar if Tate doesn't emerge. Another aspect of this move to monitor will be how it affects Isaiah Stanback, as he could potentially find himself back at quarterback.