Pats quick-hit thought

The Patriots have moved down the draft board from 22 to 27 tonight with two trades. In doing so, they picked up a third-round pick (90th overall) and a fourth-round pick (113th), while sacrificing a fourth-rounder (119th).

In moving down, the Patriots passed on top receivers Demaryius Thomas (Broncos) and Dez Bryant (Cowboys).

If those players go on to become stars, and Randy Moss leaves the Patriots after the 2010 season as a free agent, that decision could yield some scrutiny.

But clearly, the Patriots have a few players in mind and think that by trading down they can still get their man and something else.

All these moves must play out to fully judge the team's trades.

A look at the players the Patriots passed on with their trade from 22 to 27:

WR Demaryius Thomas (Georgia Tech)

OL Bryan Bulaga (Iowa)

WR Dez Bryant (Oklahoma State)

QB Tim Tebow (Florida)

NT Dan Williams (Tennessee)