Bruschi touches on Welker's 'statement'

Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi, appearing on the set of ESPN’s “NFL Live” program today, touched on Wes Welker’s appearance on the practice field.

“This is great news for the New England Patriots, because going into training camp this is the biggest concern for them – how long will Wes Welker be out?” he said. “For Wes to come out there at an OTA, in front of the media, on the practice field, is a statement. There is a Fieldhouse there and Wes could have been in a place where nobody would have seen him, but he came out during practice when the cameras were there, when all the eyes are watching, and said ‘Hey, I’m here, I’m back.’ I think he’s telling us in an indirect way ‘I am back and I will be ready.’”