Patriots, the draft & running back

After looking at the Patriots' running back position today in comparison to the NFL's other 31 teams, the point was made that New England has not drafted a player at the position since 2007. That has contributed to the Patriots fielding one of the league's older running back corps this year.

The thought was to take that analysis one step further.

In looking at all Patriots drafts under Bill Belichick, from 2000-2010, running back is tied for the fewest number of picks (not including specialists). The Patriots have drafted just six running backs in Belichick's tenure, and two came in his first year on the job.

The breakdown:

2000 -- J.R. Redmond (third round)

2000 -- Patrick Pass (seventh round)

2002 -- Antwoine Womack (seventh round)

2004 -- Cedric Cobbs (fourth round)

2006 -- Laurence Maroney (first round)

2007 -- Justise Hairston (sixth round)

The six selections ties quarterback (6) for the fewest number of picks at a position.

Meanwhile, offensive line (17), defensive line (16), linebacker (13), cornerback (12) and tight end (11) round out the top five.