What type of help does Vince Wilfork need?

Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com

Vince Wilfork has an interesting way of asking for help.

In the mail on Tuesday, a blue T-shirt was received at this address. The same T-shirt was presumably sent to other media members as well, and it read in big, white, block letters:

"Help Vince; 7/15/10; Patriots.com"

A Patriots championship ring was placed in the middle of the T-shirt.

It didn't take a hard-hitting investigative reporter to figure out the next steps -- make a few phone calls, send a couple of e-mails. But on this day, they were met with silence.

What type of help could Wilfork possibly need?

Advice on playing the Patriots' challenging two-gap techniques? A financial advisor? Some tips for dealing with the pesky media?

The answer, it seems, will be coming July 15.

It looks like Wilfork and the Patriots have something fun in the works.