How Love & Fletcher impressed Pats

One constant in Bill Belichick's tenure as Patriots coach has been that a rookie free agent will surprise and make the roster. This year, it is defensive lineman Kyle Love (Mississippi State) and inside linebacker Dane Fletcher (Montana State).

Belichick was asked about his impressions of how Love and Fletcher overcame the odds to stick.

“I think both players showed up early and were able to sustain a pretty good level of performance, from early on, even in the spring. They showed pretty early that they could compete. They were able to sustain that," he explained.

"Those are two positions that are hard to find. When you find two guys who can do that, especially when they can make that transition relatively quickly – especially in Dane’s case, a guy that played defensive end/defensive tackle in college, to be on his feet and play in the kicking game. He’s done a pretty good job making that transition, so I think he should be able to continue to improve as long as he works hard. He’s come a long way in a short period of time. Hopefully that will continue.”