Belichick-Ochocinco: 'Odd couple'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – It might not flow off the lips as freely as it does for Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco, but Bill Belichick showed Wednesday that he can have a little football fun as well.

Belichick was asked about his connection with Ochocinco, which traces back to when Belichick worked out Ochocinco before the 2001 draft, and then the two spending time together at the Pro Bowl following the 2006 season.

“It’s an odd couple,” Belichick said, drawing some laughter from media members. “But in the end, I think we have a lot of things in common.

“I like Chad. I like him as a player, I like him as a person. I like his enthusiasm and the fun he has in football, and how he competes on the football field.”

Belichick was then asked if he follows Ochocinco on Twitter.

“I don’t do Twitter, My Face, or any of that stuff,” Belichick said, not aware that it’s actually “MySpace.”

That was the lightest moment of Wednesday’s news conference.